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Company Referrals

Topic Company Name Contact Info Contact Name
Animal Control (Moles Only) The Mole Man 513-662-3017 Tom Schmidt
Concrete JKrete 513-204-5685  
Deer Fencing Ead’s Fence 513-677-4040  
Drainage Problems Tischbein Inc. 513-662-3380 Phil Tischbein
Fencing Eads Fence 513-677-4040  
Floral Peter Gregory Florist 513-891-3040  
Fruit Trees Stark Brothers 513-800-325-4180  
Garden Questions – Unusual Plants Civic Garden Center 513-221-8733  
Garden Questions – Insects/Disease/Soil Hamilton Co. Ext Service 513-946-8989  
Garden Questions – Animal Related Questions Naturalist Carol Mundy
Grass Cutting Prestige Lawn Care Inc. 513-791-3145  
Irrigation Kerlin Co. 513-563-4552  
Landscaping Refer to our Landscape Department  513-984-8733  
Lawn Mowing Prestige Lawn Care Inc. 513-791-3145  
Lawn Mower Repair/Maintenance Mower Mobile Maintenance 513-793-1313 Diane Miners
Lawn Service Refer to our Landscape Department  513-984-8733  
Lighting Cincinnati Landscape Lighting 513-489-2565  
Mulch (Bulk mulch, delivery only) Ohio Mulch 513-677-2066  
Plant Disease ID Ohio State Dept. of Plant Pathology  
Perennials Greenfield Plant Farm 513-683-5249  
Sod/Grass Seed Installation Turpin Farms 513-561-2621  
Stone Ohio Valley Stone 513-374-0281  
Tool Rental Blue Ash Tool Rental 513-891-3491  
Tree Work Certified Tree Care 513-936-9777 Dave Stang
Water Gardening Aquatic Garden Décor 513-777-1744  

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