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Lawncare DIY Pricing

Our DIY lawn program is an easy to use 3-step application applied in the spring, early fall, and late fall.  The program features Fertilome’s All Season Lawn Food with Prodiamine and Fertilome’s Lawn Food with Iron.  For more information on the products and applications, please see our Lawncare page.

Square Feet

Program Price

5,000 $71
10,000 $119
15,000 $179
20,000 $229
25,000 (Half acre) $289
30,000 $335
35,000 $389
40,000 $435
45,000 (One acre) $489


Earthway Spreaders are preferred by Fertilome

Earthway Spreaders Available

  • Handheld Spreader 3400 – $19.99
  • Spreader 2030 – $59.95
  • Spreader 2050su – $99.99

Trade in your old or non-compatible spreader and receive $30 off of the 2050su model with a fertilizer program purchase


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