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Professional Lawn Care Program

Denny McKeown Lawn Programs Professionally Applied by Royse Lawn Care

LawnThe Denny McKeown lawn program, professionally applied by Royse lawn care, is truly lawn care at its finest!  Based on principals established by The Ohio State University, the programs offer the best for your turfgrass.

For a free lawn analysis and estimate, call 513-984-8733.

“I’ve represented several lawn services for way more than a decade who promised they would treat lawns according to standards set by Ohio State University extension. All those companies, plus others, insisted on doing the wrong things by making too many visits and putting down more fertilizer than your lawn needs to stay healthy.” – Denny McKeown

That’s why Denny McKeown and Lloyd Royse, owner of Royse Lawn Care, have put together lawn programs designed to provide the right amount of fertilizer so your lawn will be fed only when it should be.

Most locally owned lawn care companies have been bought by national companies so it’s difficult to find one owned and operated by a local resident. The Royse’s are a local company with 30 plus years in the professional green industry and 23 plus years in lawn care management. Royse Lawn Care has been servicing our programs since 2007 with tremendous results; results much greater than any of the nationally owned lawn care companies.

Choose from two program options:

The Denny McKeown Basic Program

This program is just what the name implies; it is the basic foundation of a good lawn care program. This program will provide four applications:

1.  Spring Application: An application of Prodiamine pre-emergent along with a light feeding. Prodiamine is the best product to use because it provides season-long weed control. Most other pre-emergent weed control products applied by other companies only work for 90 days.
2.  Summer Application:  A single application of post-emergent weed control.
3.  Two Fall Applications:  Two feedings of quick release high Nitrogen fertilizer at the rate of 1.5 lbs. per 1,000 square feet. Fall fertilization has been proven to be the most beneficial to the lawn. The benefits of the fall feeding can be seen immediately as well as the following spring.

**The basic program only includes the four applications listed above. This program does not include insect, fungus, or nutgrass control. You have the option to pay for individual service calls to address additional issues. The price of the service call will vary dependent upon the problem. Aeration is also an option available in the fall.

The Denny McKeown Best Program

Our premium program includes all of the necessary applications of fertilizer, insecticide, fungicide, and pre and post-emergent herbicides. The combination of these applications will ensure your lawn will look its best throughout the year.

Advantages to using the Denny McKeown Best program include:

  • Fertilizer will only be applied when required. The heaviest amount of fertilizer will be applied in the fall as recommended by The Ohio State University and The Ohio Turfgrass Foundation.
  • This is one of the few lawn programs available using Prodiamine as the pre-emergent weed control. Prodiamine is the best product to use because it provides season-long weed control. Most other pre-emergent weed control products applied by other lawn care companies only work for 90 days.
  • Post-emergent control of broadleaf weeds.
  • Nutgrass control is included.
  • Grub control and fungicide included as needed.

**We also provide free service calls for your lawn’s particular needs. Aeration is not included but can be added as an option. There may be a problem or situation particular to a lawn which cannot be solved with this program. These issues will be addressed through the consultation process.





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    Just a line to tell you how much I appreciate the beautiful work you have done landscaping our yard. The design was perfect – the plants, shrubs, stepping stones and even the sod was planted with meticulous care. I appreciate your good work. Thank you .. very much

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    Bottom Line: It certainly does pay to do business with a fine professional firm such as yours!
    Thanks to you and your organization and special thanks to Woody as well.

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    We wanted to let you know how absolutely pleased we are with our beautiful new landscaping.
    Last night as we sat outside Vito said “This isn’t just the prettiest backyard I’ve ever had, it’s the prettiest back yard I’ve ever seen.” Thank you so much. We just couldn’t be happier.

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