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Lawn Care Programs That Work!

We offer two lawn care programs to fit your lifestyle.  Choose from our easy to use, do-it-yourself 3 step program, or our professionally applied service. 

Do-It-Yourself Option in 3 Easy Steps

  • Step One: Fertilome’s All Season Lawn Food with Prodiamine
    • Prodiamine prevents weeds in your lawn for up to 8 months
  • Step Two: Fertilome’s Lawn Food with Iron
    • Gives your lawn a quick release of Nitrogen with Iron to strengthen your lawn after the long summer
  • Step Three: Fertilome’s Lawn Food with Iron
    • The second application of quick release nitrogen and iron is great during this time of the year when the grass absorbs and stores the nutrients, keeping your lawn green through the winter

For information on pricing, please see our Lawncare DIY Pricing page.


Apply in March or April


Apply in September and again in November

Professionally Applied Program

We partner with Royse Lawncare to professionally apply Denny McKeown’s lawncare program.  Choose from two options:

Denny McKeown’s Basic Includes:

  • A spring application including a pre-emergent weed preventer and a light feeding
  • A summer application including a post-emergent weed control
  • Two fall applications including quick release high nitrogen fertilizer

Denny McKeown’s Best Includes:

  • All the applications listed above in the Basic Program
  • Insecticides (grub control) as needed
  • Fungicides, as needed
  • Nutgrass control
  • Free service calls for your lawn’s particular needs
Call 513-984-8733 today to receive a free, on-site lawn analysis and estimate by a professional lawn care associate.