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 Denny McKeown Lawn Care Programs that Work!

Do It Yourself Option (3 Easy Steps)


Apply in March or April


Apply in September and then again in November

  • Step One: Fertilome’s All Season Lawn Food with Prodiamine (Prodiamine prevents weeds in your lawn for up to 8 months)
  • Steps Two and Three: Fertilome’s Lawn Food with Iron

Professionally Applied Options

Denny McKeown’s Basic Includes:

  • Spring Application includes a pre-emergent weed preventer and a light feeding
  • Summer Application includes a post-emergent weed control
  • Two Fall Applications includes quick release high nitrogen fertilizer

Denny McKeown’s Best Includes:

  • All the Applications listed above in the Basic Program
  • Insecticides (Grub Control) as needed
  • Fungicides as needed
  • Nutgrass Control
  • Free Service Calls for needs particular to your lawn

Call 513-984-8733 today for an estimate and free visual lawn analysis for Professionally Applied Lawn Care

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