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Month-by-Month Gardening in Ohio: Revised Edition

What to Do Each Month to Have a Beautiful Garden All Year
By Denny McKeown

Month-by-Month™ guides offer valuable advice on the proper timing of garden maintenance activities for each month. Month-by-Month™ Gardening in Ohio is one of the first titles of the redesigned series from Cool Springs Press.

Top features include:

4-color photography and illustrations to demonstrate cultural practices
Covers all major plant categories
Specific advice for every month of the year
Updated edition includes text revisions, additional reference materials, and a new design


The Gardening Book For Ohio
(Revised Edition)

Denny has authored a book that details plants and plant care tips specifically for the Ohio climate. The Gardening Book For Ohio includes “The What, Where, When, How & Why of Landscape Gardening in Ohio”.

186 individual plant selections, from annuals to vines, including a new herb chapter

A large full-color photograph of each plant

An easy to use format

Specific advice on planting, growing, and care (including pest control

Garden Planning and design ideas


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