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A Beautiful Spring Includes Flowering Trees
When you think of spring landscape color, you may think of Forsythia, Azaleas, Lilacs, and Viburnums. Add perennial and biannual color such as Creeping Phlox, English Daisies, and Pansies and you have a great recipe for spring color enjoyment. For icing on that blooming cake add flowering trees. They grow to different sizes in height and spread and bloom at different times, allowing you to plant several to extend your spring flower color from March into June. Some of these trees have other landscape value including leaf color. I’m listing some of the best ornamental trees and the average month that they bloom. I say average because air and soil temperature dictate the actual flowering time. This spring has been a good example of that. Our flowering trees this spring should have Tulip and Star Magnolias blooming in late March to early April,. The warm weather of March will dictate exactly when Flowering Cherry and Serviceberries will be the next to bloom. Overall, this spring should be gorgeous and should continue into June. I’m listing some of my favorite trees starting with the March bloomers and ending with my favorite tree that happens to bloom in June.
Tulip Magnolia (Soulangiana) - blooms white to pink tulip shaped flowers in March to April. Grows 15 to 20 ft. high and wide. Flowers subject to frost damage when March blooming. When selecting one at the nursery in the 4-6 ft. range, your tree will look more like a shrub because of the multiple low branches. Don’t worry; this young plant will turn out to be a beautiful multi-trunked tree.
Star Magnolias (Stellata) - same as above only with pure white flowers and growing to only 10-15 ft. high and wide.
Weeping Cherry (Pendula and Snow Fountain) - These are two great April bloomers. The Pendula has double pink flowers on weeping branches. This variety will grow to 20- 30 ft. high and wide. Snow Fountain is a great weeping tree for limited planting space. White flowers on weeping branches. This tree can be kept at 6 ft. high and wide.
Serviceberry (Amelanchier) - Grows 20-25 ft. high and wide on single or multi-trunks. Very showy white flowers in April that produce very tasty fruit in June. Don’t worry, the robins will eat this delicious fruit in June before you have a chance. The new “Princess Diana” has white flowers that remain longer on the tree. All serviceberry have great orange and red fall color.
Purple Leaf Plum (Prunus) ‘Thundercloud’ is the most colorful flowering plum tree with pink flowers in April and dark purple leaves all growing season. Don’t get attached as this tree’s average life span is about 10 years. By then it will be 10 ft. high and 15 ft. wide.
Flowering Crab (Malus –by variety) grows to many heights and widths. Some are very upright, some spread, while others weep. My favorites include “Coral Burst” on the very dwarf side, ‘Louisa’ which weeps, and ‘Prairie Fire” that grows narrow and upright. Just be sure the variety you select is scab resistant, fire blight resistant, and the fruits stay on if dealing with a fruit bearing variety.
Red Bud (Cercis) is a very popular ornamental tree that grows an average of 20 ft. tall and wide. Long lasting lavender pink blooms that silhouette the branches. They are available in single and multi-trunked trees. ‘Forest Pansy’ has red leaves and ‘Lavender Twist’ weeps.
Japanese Maple (Acer) are available with both green leaves or red leaves. Here is a slow growing ornamental whose color is in its leaves. Many varieties growing to many different sizes. Be sure you know how big or small the tree you select grows before purchasing.
Magnolia Sweet Bay is one of my favorite ornamentals. Leaves are glossy green on top surface and grey underneath making for quite a show in the breeze. Very fragrant gardenia-like flowers in late May into June. This tree will accept a multitude of planting sites, from shade to sun, moist to dry. It grows to 15 ft. high and wide.
White Fringe tree (Chionanthus) is not widely known but should be. White flowers in early June, females bear blue summer fruit that the birds love. This tree grows to 15 ft. high and wide. This tree works well where you were thinking of planting a Florida Dogwood.
Kousa Dogwood (Cornus) is the best suited dogwood for our area. White flowers in June on a tree that grows 15 ft. high and wide. Spectacular fall leaf color and fruit that resembles strawberries. Plant in shade to full sun. The ‘Rutgar’ series, a hybrid, has a pink flowering tree.
Keep this list as you shop to add more ornamental trees to your landscape.

Have a great weekend!